Audit Your Own Business: A Checklist to Avoid Common Legal Problems


MinneBar 8 (6 April 2013)
This is not a panel.
What business owners really need to know to avoid legal trouble - bring your questions!
2013-04-06 14:00

Room: Challenge


What do business owners really need to know to avoid legal trouble? This is a speed session covering relevant, practical considerations for your business to avoid common startup mistakes.

Topics include:

  • starting a business
  • intellectual property
  • independent contractors
  • noncompete agreements
  • contracts with clients
  • employees
  • tax tips
  • topics raised in your questions

Get answers to common questions:

  • When do I need a business attorney and when don't I?
  • How can I protect my intellectual property?
  • What is the difference between copyright, trademark, and patent?
  • What are the most common small business legal mistakes to avoid?
  • How do I decided between a partnership, LLC, or S corp?
  • Are noncompete agreements enforceable? When?
  • Are there really tax loopholes? How do I use them?

Learn how to use this document:

Bring your business law questions!

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