Ambition: A new MVC web framework in Vala


MinneBar 8 (6 April 2013)
This is not a panel.
A new MVC framework that runs with a fraction of the resources needed for PHP, Ruby, Python sites.
2013-04-06 12:00

Room: Stephen Leacock


There are tons of great MVC web frameworks out in the wild, for most major compiled and dynamic languages. They're great tools to get projects prototyped and quickly into production, and many of them will be touched on at minnebar.

The Ambition MVC framework is a hobby that turned into a reasonable web framework. Written using Vala, the Ambition framework allows a developer or team of developers to create web applications or RESTful services using a static-typed object oriented language without relying on a VM or a garbage collection cycle. Plus, being compiled, it allows cloud deployment to be easy and inexpensive, as memory and CPU requirements can be a fraction of PHP, Ruby, Python, or Perl sites.

While it's not "officially" released, it's available on GitHub, and being actively developed. Patches, help, and end users are very welcome, and I'd like to show you more.

More information at [](, or more about Vala at [](

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