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Minneapolis, MN
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Albert Hepp has presented 2 sessions, most recently on [[Has last session date::
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Business Idea Speed Dating 2.07 April 2012
Business Idea Speed Dating: Idea Guys versus Geeks versus Entrepreneurs7 May 2011
]], at [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 6]], [[Has event::Has event MinneBar 7]].

  1. Business Idea Speed Dating: Idea Guys versus Geeks versus Entrepreneurs at MinneBar 6
  2. Business Idea Speed Dating 2.0 at MinneBar 7

1. Founded 3 successful companies, lifetime company revenues in excess of $11 million.

2. Hired, lead, trained, and managed over 25 employees.

3. Created training curriculum and taught over 50 people within three companies. Recruited and managed a successful sales team of 6 professionals.

4. Interviewed, quoted, or featured in over 20 real estate media stories in major media, including Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, ABC News, the Star Tribune and more.

5. Helped over 16,000 home sellers save over $1 billion in real estate commissions.

6. Testified in court, consulted, or assisted the US Federal Trade Commission, US Department of Justice, US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, and Canadian Competition Bureau work on anti-trust activities in real estate.

7. Elected, appointed, or served in leadership of numerous community and industry associations, including the founding of one industry association.

8. Created and executed business plans, marketing plans, operational plans, and budgets from startup to company maturity in three companies.

9. Created and managed internet marketing strategies that generated a majority of company revenue and substantial return on investment, including search engine optimization and pay per click since 2000. Web advertising strategies also involved significant social media and display advertising targeted at consumers for both product and service.

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