A Country Club For Tech


MinneBar 4 (21 November 2009)
This is not a panel.


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A Country Club like place for Making Tech Stuff. Interesting? We're building one.

It's a launching pad. A tech center. It exists to catalyze a new generation of tech startups in the Twin Cities and to build a culture to sustain it.

It's not a solicitation environment. It's not a place for service providers.

It's a "doing" factory for Developers and Designers and Thinkers. It's a cultivation environment. It's a place for co-thinking and co-doing.

The goal for members is to be curious (e.g. "I wonder if..." or "I've always wanted to...") and to share that with others in order to partner together and crank out working tech for the purpose of starting companies.

The community will have a rhythm of programing and work sessions often on evenings and weekends (so, we can all keep our jobs if we like). We'll have an equipped space of our own. We'll be well connected to entrepreneurs, angels, corporations, the state, edu's, tech successful and more. When we have stuff to show there will be an interested audience.

We have advisers for legal, finance and more that help bring our working tech to market in the form of companies. We get inspiration from people who've already built stuff like we're intending to. When we're in the midst of it there will be a community of people doing similar things.

We'll have membership dues like country clubs (or athletic clubs) and guidelines to the community. No jean shorts on the golf course, for example. We'll have principles that make up the community like "authenticity" "tenacity" "trust." It's a place to share ideas but not lose them. A place to listen to and help make each others ideas both better and actualized.

I looking forward to chatting about it further with you all.

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