AJAX (MinneDemo 1)


MinneBar 1 (6 May 2006)
This is not a panel.


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By now you've been exposed to the hype that is Ajax. You've been awed by Google Maps, you've tried Ta-da List, heck, maybe you even know what AJAX the acronym means. In the past we had to choose between difficult to deploy thick clients or feature bare thin clients but today we have a new choice: We can give our users the best of both worlds thanks to Ajax techniques. In this presentation, we'll cut through the hype and help you see where Ajax makes sense in your applications. We'll give you a brief overview of what Ajax is and recommendations for its usage, followed up by tips on how to take some of the pain out of JavaScript. Leading companies are introducing your customers to the possibilities of a richer web experience and after this talk; you'll be on your way to meeting their new expectations.

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