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Some people like to present frequently at minne✱ events. Here are the most frequent presenters.

PresenterEventsSessionsLast session
Jamie Thingelstad91711 April 2015
Mike Bollinger91311 April 2015
Paul DeBettignies71211 April 2015
Jon Dahl8127 May 2011
Paul Cantrell101111 April 2015
Dan Grigsby61011 April 2015
Ben Edwards7106 April 2013
Toby Cryns6811 April 2015
Luke Francl6811 April 2015
Jeff Lin7711 April 2015
Justin Porter6611 April 2015
Scott Davis5611 April 2015
Tim Erickson5611 April 2015
Jeff Pesek6611 April 2015
Curt Prins6612 April 2014
Martin Grider6612 April 2014
Joseph Rueter667 April 2012
Matt Bauer467 May 2011
Jeffry Brown4511 April 2015
Patrick Donohue3511 April 2015
Mark Gritter5511 April 2015
Donnie Berkholz4511 April 2015
Mark Beckman5512 April 2014
John Mindiola III556 April 2013
Kevin Whinnery356 April 2013
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