MinneBar 9


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This event occurred 1892 days ago.
Start date April 12, 2014
End date April 12, 2014
Attendance 813
Location Best Buy Headquarters, 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423
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Type MinneBar


A Blog is a Book is a Blog
by Lily Coyle

A Talk About Talks
by Jenna Pederson

Anonymity: a real trend or just hype?
by Nick Ciske

Beyond Mobile: How Connected Devices are the Next Evolution of Mobile
by Curt Prins

Building A Global, Privacy-Conscious CDN On $20 A Day
by James Renken

Building jQuery plugins: Back-end development for a front-end language
by Amy Hammond

Can you legally sell, lend, or give away purchased digital content? What happens to digital assets when you die?
by Damien Riehl

Cassandra and Riak at
by Joel Crabb

Chasing Ninja Rockstars: Searching For Top Talent and Why We're Doing It All Wrong
by Jeff Lin, Paul Cantrell, Cat Hernandez

Chasing Waterfalls: Exploring the airwaves with RTL-SDR & software-defined radios
by Tony Collen

Civic Tech and Open Government Year 1 - Open Twin Cities Showcase
by Bill Bushey

Coin, how to make a CopyCatCoin in 50 minutes or less
by Troy Benjegerdes

Create a Integrated VISUAL Image across Social Media Platforms
by Mike O'Neil

Data Center 101
by Mike Hemphill

Data and performance driven UX design
by Andrew Korf User Experience Design Manager at NativeX

DevOpsDays Minneapolis
by Bridget Kromhout, Tony Notto, Donnie Berkholz, Andy Domeier, Tom Duffield, Jeff Williams

Developing For The SmartThings Platform
by Steve Vlaminck

Dont Quit Your Day Job - Lean Startup in the Enterprise
by Peter Pascale

Doppler Value Investing: the next generation of value investing
by Jason Hsu

Exploring NFC on Android
by Sean Weiser

Fiery Inferno A web consultant roundtable
by Toby Cryns, Ian Fitzpatrick

Find a co-founder
by Jon Wittmayer

Get Emotional: Designing for engagement in native mobile apps
by Mike Bollinger

Getting your Fiber: Fiber-to-the-premise planning with PostGIS and pg routing
by Mark Beckman

Gigabit (Speed) SYN, SYN-ACK, ACK (Networking) for Geeks
by Justin Porter, Kevin Walker

How entrepreneurs waste their development budget
by Jaim Zuber

How to Apply the Solution Selling Framework to Scale Your Startup
by Rob Weber

Idea to Beta: Tips and Tools for making your idea a reality
by Brandon Rothe, Phil Mackey

Landing the First Hundred Customers
by Paul Prins

Lessons from a failed startup
by Reed Robinson

Lessons in Gravity
by David Hussman

LigerMobile - True Hybrid App Development
by Brad Marsh

Lightning Sessions
by Casey Helbling, John Pederson, Jason Hsu, Jamey Erickson

LiveCode Cross-Development System
by Joel Gerdeen

Making RESTful Android Restful
by Colin Lee

Managing Your IT Career v6 - (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)
by Paul DeBettignies

Minnebar 9 on minnebar
by Jamie Thingelstad

Minnesota Indie Game Developer Microtalks
by Martin Grider, Zach Johnson, Joel Stewart, Scott Lembcke, Zach Wendt, Dev Jana

Minnesota's tech startup community: what's next?
by Jeff Pesek, Mike Bollinger

Monitoring at a SaaS Startup: Tradeoffs and Tools
by Bridget Kromhout

OmniFocus Meetup
by Jamie Thingelstad

Pack Your Own Chute - The Personal Decision to Join a Startup
by Neal Tovsen, Paul DeBettignies, Liz Tupper, Matt Hardy, Todd H Gardner

Physics-based Interfaces with UIKit Dynamics
by Sam Kirchmeier, Adam May

Piranha Pool (TM)
by Jeffrey C. Robbins

Program your Contracts with LaTeX
by Peter Edstrom

Put your API to REST or NOT
by Shruti Majithia

Rise of the Fiber Project: Transforming a Small Town into a Gigabit City
by Bryan Welch

RoboSpock -- wake up your Android project with some dynamic language testing
by Steve Peterson

Rocking the Geek(ette) Career Track
by Sara Heitkamp

SUPERQUEST: A Social Network for Projects (my first website)
by Justin moen

Scheduling MinneBar with Simulated Annealing
by Paul Cantrell

Setting up an Altcoin mining pool (Using chef, Stratum, And MPOS)
by Mark Wagner

Teaching Kids to Code -- why, where and how.
by Rebecca Schatz

The (A)BC's of Corporate Blogging
by Kay Roseland

The Bet: Why we feel your project is worth talking about and why its costing us
by Toby Cryns, John Pederson

The Changing Landscape of Retail: Winners, Losers, Game Changers, & Lessons Learned for Tech and Marketing Pros
by Jeremy Swenson

The Evolving Digital Ecosystem
by Nick Roseth

by Michael Noble, Neal Tovsen

The Geek Car, State of EVs in Minnesota Panel Discussion.
by Ralph Jenson, Colin Lee, Mark Hanson, Birch Hansen, Dan Holtz

The Next Web of Linked Data
by Jay Myers

The REAL Value of Data - Big or Small
by Colin Tuggle

The Value of Design in the Civic Technology Movement
by Laura Andersen

The Yogi & The Entrepreneur
by Laurel Van Matre, Patrick Riley

The future of crowdfunding and fundraising
by Patrick Donohue, Jeffrey C. Robbins

Think Live Social Networking, Technology to Get Your Audience Engaged
by Jeffry Brown, John Cosgrove

Transparent VC
by Patrick Meenan, Ryan Broshar

Wearing Android: An introduction to the Android Wear platform
by Benjamin Gramlich

What is Bitcoin?
by Scott Jann

Why Emacs?
by Selah Ben-Haim

Why Scala? Is functional programming on the JVM worth it?
by Joseph J. Pich

Worldwide Data Synchronization Challenges and Solutions in a Global Enterprise
by Aba El Haddi

You made $ with code, now save (and keep) more of it
by Becca Vargo Daggett


Aba El Haddi

Adam May

Amy Hammond

Andrew Korf User Experience Design Manager at NativeX

Andy Domeier

Becca Vargo Daggett

Benjamin Gramlich

Bill Bushey

Brad Marsh

Brandon Rothe

Bridget Kromhout

Bryan Welch

Casey Helbling

Colin Lee

Colin Tuggle

Curt Prins

Damien Riehl

David Hussman

David teaches and coaches agility in companies of all sizes all over the world. For more than 10 years, David has evolved the successful adoption and use of agile methods in medical, retail, legal, education, health care, control systems, digital audio, financial and more. Sometimes he is pairing with developers and testers, while other times he is helping product manager create product roadmaps. David believes in helping companies design processes that help them instead of simply teaching them a process to follow. Along with working side by side with design and delivery teams, David works with leader and executives to promote the use of agile methods to attack the real challenges of their specific industry.

Dev Jana

Donnie Berkholz

Ian Fitzpatrick

Jaim Zuber

James Renken

Jamey Erickson

Jamie Thingelstad

Jamie is CTO of SPS Commerce, the retail industry's most broadly adopted cloud services platform. Previously, he served as CTO for leading financial publishers including the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Enterprise Media Group of Dow Jones and MarketWatch, Inc. He was the founding CTO of BigCharts, the leading provider of financial tools and information to consumers and financial services companies via the web. In 1999, BigCharts was acquired by MarketWatch and the technology is still used by Dow Jones & Company today. In addition, Jamie has developed and managed products and technologies for properties including Barron’s, Virtual Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Indexes.

Jason Hsu

Jay Myers

Jeff Lin

Jeff Pesek

Jeff Williams

Jeffrey C. Robbins

Jeffry Brown

Jenna Pederson

My name is Jenna. I am a web developer, business owner, photographer, Ambassador for the Twin Cities Geekettes, Rails mentor for Thinkful, speaker, skier, traveler, shoe lover, wannabe yogi, migraineur, and all-around awesome person (but laced with a little sarcasm on a quite regular basis).

Jeremy Swenson

Joel Crabb

Joel Gerdeen

Joel Stewart

John Cosgrove

John Pederson

Jon Wittmayer

Joseph J. Pich

Justin Porter

Justin Porter has numerous years of experience in a variety of technology and business roles. His most recent position was working in an environment where he was responsible for launching high technology-based start-up companies. He previously worked with a variety of consulting clients in a professional services role. He has a balanced mix of consulting, industry, and technical experiences, allowing him to be leveraged in all phases of a company. Mr. Porter has experience across many technology sectors including life sciences, physical and engineering sciences, software and information technology, and agriculture. Mr. Porter holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

Justin moen

Kay Roseland

Kevin Walker

Laura Andersen

Laurel Van Matre

Lily Coyle

Liz Tupper

Mark Beckman

Mark Wagner

Martin Grider

Martin is a freelance/contract developer, specializing in iOS applications since late 2008. He's written games using both the high level Objective-C APIs as well as dabbled in in C++ and raw OpenGL ES draw calls for maximum cross-platform compatibility. He is passionate about mobile game development and board game design. His first app was a game you can still find in the App store featuring elements of Chess and Tetris, called ActionChess. He has also had the chance to work on some high profile iPhone apps, including Best Buy's flagship mobile store, as well as apps for Buzzfeed and Adolfson & Peterson Construction. He is a proud member of the IGDA, and co-organizer for the local Twin Cities chapter, where he has presented on iPhone Game Development, as well as his own apps and games.

Matt Hardy

Michael Noble

Mike Bollinger

Mike Hemphill

Mike O'Neil

Neal Tovsen

Nick Ciske

Nick Roseth

Patrick Donohue

Patrick Meenan

Patrick Riley

Paul Cantrell

Paul DeBettignies

Paul Prins

Peter Edstrom

Peter Pascale

Phil Mackey

Rebecca Schatz

Founder of Code Savvy a nonprofit organization inspiring a kids and teens to explore computer programming and creative problem solving. Code Savvy initiatives include CoderDojo Twin Cities, TechnovationMN, Get With the Program and the Northside Code Clubs. Tweeting @CodeSavvyOrg @rebeccaschatz

Reed Robinson

Rob Weber

Ryan Broshar

Sam Kirchmeier

Sara Heitkamp

Scott Jann

Scott Lembcke

Sean Weiser

Selah Ben-Haim

Shruti Majithia

Steve Peterson

Steve Vlaminck

Toby Cryns

Todd H Gardner

Tom Duffield

Tony Collen

Tony Notto

Troy Benjegerdes

Zach Johnson

Zach Wendt

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