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This event occurred 2265 days ago.
Start date April 6, 2013
End date April 6, 2013
Attendance 873
Registrations 1166
Location Best Buy Headquarters, 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423
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1) Do “data science” 2) ??? 3) PROFIT!
by Joe Janzen, Esey Nemariam, Brett Stime, James Shanahan

Our experiences in building our first predictive engine at NativeX.

Agile Financial Modeling
by Patrick Donohue, Phil Pogge

Learn how to build a financial model for your business.

Agile methods for infrastructure groups
by Bryan Welch


All the monitoring; forget everything you knew about nagios, zabbix and ganglia
by Bryan Brandau


Ambition: A new MVC web framework in Vala
by Nick Melnick

A new MVC framework that runs with a fraction of the resources needed for PHP, Ruby, Python sites.

An explosion of the Land of 10,000 Corporate Drones – a very serious proposal
by Don Ball


Audit Your Own Business: A Checklist to Avoid Common Legal Problems
by Aaron Hall

What business owners really need to know to avoid legal trouble - bring your questions!

Avoiding Apple Rejection
by Liz Tupper


Bad-Ass Patent Protection: Tips for Building Your Own Fast & Furious
by Eduardo Drake

Securing your own ideas with patent protection--DIY style.

Beautiful Chaos: The Evil Genius' Introduction To Juila, The New Scientific Computing Language
by Mark Beckman

Julia is an open source language for scientific, technical and numerical/data analysis computing.

Become a Better Designer with Side Projects
by Tim Smith

How side projects elevate you to a new level.

Becoming an independent publisher with PressBooks and WordPress
by Nick Ciske

PressBooks is a new way to author, design, and produce books (electronic and print).

Beyond Passwords: Federated authentication with Mozilla Persona
by Dan Callahan

Learn how Mozilla is killing the password and saving the open web.

BigData and Hadoop: An Introduction
by Brock Noland

Getting starting with BigData? We'll cover the basics of Hadoop and its ecosystem.

Blogging & Open Source: The Power Creating Free Content Has to Either Serve or Enslave You
by Marc Grabanski


Bluetooth LE, Core Bluetooth, and a Glimpse into your Near Future
by Sam Kirchmeier

Why Bluetooth LE is awesome, and an introduction to Core Bluetooth on iOS.

Branded Utility - Make Maketing Useful with Apps for brands and Cornerstone Content
by Nick Lipetzky

Provide more brand value with content, apps, networks, engagement platforms and digital tools.

Browser Automation (For Development and Testing)
by Jachin Rupe

Write code to run a web browser (instead of typing, clicking, and dragging).

Build and Deploy Ridiculously Advanced MediaWiki Websites
by Jamie Thingelstad


Building Awesome Online Communities with WordPress
by Toby Cryns

Plug-and-play online communities with WordPress.

Building Google Voice with Rails, Knockout, and Twilio
by Kevin Whinnery

Rebuild the core features of Google Voice in an afternoon.

Burning it Down -- Becoming an agile company
by Genghis Philip, Mike Mayne


Civic Hacking and Open Data: Its time to upgrade the Cities
by Bill Bushey

Civic Hacking is transforming the way citizens interact with cities across the country.

Content 101—101 Ways to Publish Content
by David Hedrick Skarjune


Cut the cord with Ma Bell - A quick intro to VoIP
by Jason Brockman, Jay Taylor

Eliminate the phone company with a $35 Raspberry Pi and open source software.

Dealing with Android Fragmentation
by Daniel Lew

Handling different sizes of Android devices and backwards compatibility with previous versions.

Event Prediction
by Anand Deo


Evernote for Everything
by Teresa Boardman

There are so many things you can do with Evernote.

Experience Curating: Filter, Organize, and Share Your Way to Insane Value and Kicking Butt
by Joel Zaslofsky

Can you smash your overwhelming barriers while turning weaknesses into superpowers… all with a simple system? Yes. You can. By curating your existence – or “Experience Curating” – you can become THE go-to resource for anything that's valuable to you or anyone else. YouTube recording:

Fiery Inferno!!! A web freelancer roundtable
by Toby Cryns, Ian Fitzpatrick


Fundraising in Minnesota (Minnebar 8)
by Jeff Pesek, Mike Bollinger

A quantitative look at local investment activity over the past three years.

Gamify Your Equity Model
by Scott Davis


Gaming and Gamification
by Scott Davis

Explore how game theory drives behavior.

Groucho Marx Meets Aristotle- A Humorous Look at Technology Agreements
by Michael cohen

A lively and unconventional presentation on technology related agreements.

How to win Vegas-style: To exploit or to explore is the question in consumer behavior modeling in digital advertising and marketing
by James Shanahan


Journey to the Bottom of the Storage Stack
by Mark Gritter

Looking at the behavior of storage at the block layer.

Kanban Project Scheduling
by Alan Hill

Stop struggling with a failed project management methods in your agile projects.

Lean India: A startup’s guide to building and managing software engineering teams in India
by Cole Grolmus

Applying some of the principles and methodology from The Lean Startup towards outsourced teams.

Learning Intellectual Property Basics (and a little music)
by Michael cohen

Learn the basics of patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law (plus music examples).

Leveraging Travis CI for open & closed projects
by Weston Platter


Lightning Talks
by Luke Francl

Rapid-fire presentations that aren't scheduled in advance.

Made for iPhone
by Joel Stewart

Learn what goes into making an accessory for iOS.

Make Lean UX
by Erik Mitchell

Lean UX helps Design, UX, and Engineering work better together.

Managing Your IT Career v5
by Paul DeBettignies

Talk about job search, networking and career maintenance.

Mapping Your World With OpenStreetMap (Minnebar 8)
by Ian Dees


Middleware for People
by Ben Damman


Minecraft 101: Digging, Building, Hacking
by Charles Oliver Nutter, Oliver Nutter

A tour of Minecraft, and some basic Minecraft hacking with Ruby.

MinneBar 8 on MinneBar
by Jamie Thingelstad

An update on the continuing development of the minne✱ organization.

My Journey with the GNU Emacs - and you can too!
by Eldon Nelson

Start your Journey with Emacs and move on from being a casual Emacs user.

Networks, The 511 Building and MICE – Myth, Mystery and Reality
by Mike Hemphill

What goes on at the most connected building in Minnesota?

Once Upon A Startup: Turning Your Pitch Into a Great Story.
by Valerie Esqueda

How you can use storytelling to captivate, intrigue, and connect with your audience.

Online education: As good as it gets?
by John Mindiola III, Drew Blom

A look at some of the noteworthy innovations and areas for growth in online higher education.

Percolate Your Trep Net II—Expanding Your Social Network Focus for Greater Entrepreneurial Social Capital
by Drew Fleck

Uncover the focus of your social network to gauge your entrepreneurial social capital and expand it.

Pivot, Pivot, Dominate
by Paul Prins, Michael Noble

The art of pivoting well.

Privacy, Trade Secrets & Big Data: Is Your Business Giving Away Its Competitive Advantage? or Unwittingly Biting Off Regulatory Headaches?
by Emily E. Duke, Steve Helland


Production MongoDB in the Cloud: From Essentials to Corner Cases
by Bridget Kromhout, Mike Hobbs

Discuss what works and what doesn’t, and marvel at oddities we’ve encountered.

Purpose of "WHY", Build Your Brand and Culture, What I learned from Steve Jobs
by Jeffry Brown, Mark Brown


Rails 4.0 and Ruby 2.0
by Derek Rockwell

Recruiting 2013: For Start Ups Or Any Size Company
by Paul DeBettignies

Winning the war for talent.

SSH: Best kept secrets
by Colin Harrington

SSH is way more than a remote shell replacement. Learn what else you can do with it.

Scaling Ruby for Enterprise Applications
by John Malone, Joel Jensen

Ideas, tips, and tactics for scaling Ruby applications to handle massive throughput.

Scaling with Cassandra
by Jeff Bollinger, Jeff Smoley

Challenges and lessons from switching to Apache Cassandra.

Shopping for Nerds: The Tao of Co-Founders, Contractors, and Outsourcing
by Neal Tovsen

Finding a developer is hard. Learn how to navigate the waters.

Sorting Spaghetti: Structuring Large JavaScript Applications
by Todd Gardner

Transform a "classic" JavaScript mess into a tested, structured, and modular application.

Teaching kids (and other newbies) to code
by Rebecca Schatz, Matt Gray

You can inspire a new code-savvy generation! Introducing CoderDojo Twin Cities and the Technovation challenge.

Technical Support for Developers Panel
by Chris Warren, Luke Francl, Kevin Whinnery

Tips for developers on how support can make your product awesome.

Technology Driving Consumer Centered Healthcare
by Stephen Miller, Patrick Donohue, Eric Schaefer

Consumer education + Professional grade products = Improved outcomes and Reduced health care costs

The Crowdfunding Panel
by Justin Porter, Ben Edwards, Patrick Donohue, Kevin Spreng


The Intersection of Nonprofits and Technology. A panel discussion with some of the most influential nonprofit technologists in the Twin Cities.
by Casey Helbling, Douglas Hegley, Damien Riehl, Jeff Lin, Justin Ware, Sona Mehring

How nonprofits use technology to achieve success offline.

The Narrative Platform of A Brand
by Rohn Jay Miller

A walk-through of brand narrative and how to apply it.

The Non-Designers Guide to WordPress (Making Your Site Look Awesome)
by Mykl Roventine

You don't have to be a designer to make your WordPress site look good.

The Secret Weapon for Bringing a Business to a Liquidity Event: Strategic Communications
by Jason Sprenger

How to develop a set of key messages that resonate with your target audience.

The Tech Behind Obama's 2012 Campaign
by Ian Dees

Learn about the infrastructure, software, team, and ideas that helped re-elect Obama.

The Yogi and The Entrepreneur
by Laurel Van Matre, Patrick Riley

How yoga can create "more space" to build a better business, leadership, and health.

This Old Website: Applying HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design to An Existing Project
by Wolf Loescher, Bertine Buchan


Tips For Your First Time
by Stephen Fluin

Practical Considerations for developing and launching your first mobile application.

Unit Testing on iOS
by Jaim Zuber, Adam May


Unity:Beyond Games
by Josh Ruis


Use vagrant to escape tight coupling in SOA
by Jeff Beck, Robert Tomb

How developers can use Vagrant to make it easier for to develop with and test code.

What Obama (and Romney) Can Teach You About Mobile.
by Curt Prins

Successes and failures of mobile from the 2012 campaign.

What to Look For When Hiring a Communications Professional or Agency
by Jason Sprenger

How to evaluate communications professionals, and determine the best fit.

Word Nerd 2.0: Where To Find Content And What To Do With It
by Lynne MK Morioka



Aaron Hall

Adam May

Alan Hill

Anand Deo

Ben Damman

Ben Edwards

Designer and client-side coder. Founded Minnesota's Barcamp and together with Luke Francl put together various events and programs throughout the year aimed at catalyzing tech and design innovation and a startup culture within the state. Co-Founder of Refactr LLC, a consultancy and product development shop focused on rapidly developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

Bertine Buchan

Bill Bushey

Brett Stime

Bridget Kromhout

Brock Noland

Bryan Brandau

Bryan Welch

Casey Helbling

Charles Oliver Nutter

Chris Warren

Cole Grolmus

Colin Harrington

Curt Prins

Damien Riehl

Dan Callahan

Daniel Lew

David Hedrick Skarjune

Derek Rockwell

Don Ball

Douglas Hegley

Drew Blom

Drew Fleck

Eduardo Drake

Eldon Nelson

Emily E. Duke

Eric Schaefer

Erik Mitchell

Esey Nemariam

Genghis Philip

Ian Dees

Ian Fitzpatrick

Jachin Rupe

Jaim Zuber

James Shanahan

Jamie Thingelstad

Jamie is CTO of SPS Commerce, the retail industry's most broadly adopted cloud services platform. Previously, he served as CTO for leading financial publishers including the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Enterprise Media Group of Dow Jones and MarketWatch, Inc. He was the founding CTO of BigCharts, the leading provider of financial tools and information to consumers and financial services companies via the web. In 1999, BigCharts was acquired by MarketWatch and the technology is still used by Dow Jones & Company today. In addition, Jamie has developed and managed products and technologies for properties including Barron’s, Virtual Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Indexes.

Jason Brockman

Jason Sprenger

Jay Taylor

Jeff Beck

Jeff Bollinger

Jeff Lin

Jeff Pesek

Jeff Smoley

Jeffry Brown

Joe Janzen

Joel Jensen

Joel Stewart

Joel Zaslofsky

John Malone

John Mindiola III

Josh Ruis

Justin Porter

Justin Porter has numerous years of experience in a variety of technology and business roles. His most recent position was working in an environment where he was responsible for launching high technology-based start-up companies. He previously worked with a variety of consulting clients in a professional services role. He has a balanced mix of consulting, industry, and technical experiences, allowing him to be leveraged in all phases of a company. Mr. Porter has experience across many technology sectors including life sciences, physical and engineering sciences, software and information technology, and agriculture. Mr. Porter holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

Justin Ware

Kevin Spreng

Kevin Whinnery

Laurel Van Matre

Liz Tupper

Luke Francl

Lynne MK Morioka

Marc Grabanski

Mark Beckman

Mark Brown

Mark Gritter

Matt Gray

Michael Noble

Michael cohen

Mike Bollinger

Mike Hemphill

Mike Hobbs

Mike Mayne

Mykl Roventine

Neal Tovsen

Nick Ciske

Nick Lipetzky

Nick Melnick

Oliver Nutter

Patrick Donohue

Patrick Riley

Paul DeBettignies

Paul Prins

Phil Pogge

Rebecca Schatz

Founder of Code Savvy a nonprofit organization inspiring a kids and teens to explore computer programming and creative problem solving. Code Savvy initiatives include CoderDojo Twin Cities, TechnovationMN, Get With the Program and the Northside Code Clubs. Tweeting @CodeSavvyOrg @rebeccaschatz

Robert Tomb

Rohn Jay Miller

I'm a strategic planner and consultant. I collaborate with clients to design innovative marketing, services and products that reach customers by integrating brick and mortar with e-commerce, social networks and mobile applications. In order to build long-term success, I work with clients as they manage change that makes an organization more authentic and true to mission. I also write and speak about brand narrative and how influence works on the Social Internet. I was SVP Product & Technology, Knight Ridder and COO Ikonic/USWeb.

Sam Kirchmeier

Scott Davis

Sona Mehring

Stephen Fluin

Stephen Miller

Steve Helland

Teresa Boardman

Tim Smith

Toby Cryns

Todd Gardner

Valerie Esqueda

Weston Platter

Wolf Loescher

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