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This event occurred 3316 days ago.
Start date May 22, 2010
End date May 22, 2010
Attendance 675
Registrations 915
Location Best Buy Headquarters, 7601 Penn Avenue South Richfield, MN 55423
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Type MinneBar


2 for 1 - Neighborhoods Online and Social Advocacy via Twitter
by Steven Clift

Ad hoc Processing data visualization session
by Michael Heuer

Beyond coffee, cigarettes, and the morning paper: Building hyperlocal news systems & engaging community
by Peter Fleck

Bowling for Marketshare--How to Grow Your Startup by Narrowing Its Focus
by Curt Prins

Brewing Technology
by Dan Schwarz

Creating products that inspire passionate users
by JJ Parker

Cucumbers for UX Designers
by Garrick van Buren

Curation FTW
by Joseph Rueter

Data mining: what is it good for?
by Dan Frankowski

Drupal Experiments
by Chach Sikes, Joe Turgeon, Amanda Luker

From idea to deployment: How I built a web app while riding to work on the bus
by Mike Hugo

Fund Raising using social media
by Gangadhar Sulkunte

Funding a startup: a discussion of three approaches
by Jon Dahl

Getting started with CSS3
by Mike Bollinger

Getting started with iPhone & iPad Development
by Aaron Kardell

Going Social: Discovering Enterprise Social Media Touch Points
by Mike Ellsworth

Google Page Speed Upgrades - Optimizing Website Downloads with a Simple Plugin
by Kevin Triemstra

Growing communities of practice
by Barry Madore

High-Performance GPU Computing on the iPad
by Paul Cantrell

How Can Minnesota be Better?
by Jeff Pesek, Mike Bollinger, Robert Weber, Jon Dahl, Marti Nyman, Chris Smith, Dan Grigsby

How to Fireproof Your Career and Chortle at Recession Worries
by Paul DeBettignies, Kevin Donlin

How to Measure P&L When Your Price is Free
by Kristin Oberhaus

I'm a guru, not a god: A Tao of System Architecture
by Mark Beckman

Intro to Git: What's the big deal?
by Colin Harrington

Introduction to TYPOlight - feature rich, accessible, Open Source CMS
by Tonu Mikk, Phil Kragnes

Legal Implications of Limewire on File-Sharing Business Models
by Ryan Miest

Managing your social media with Clove. Get an introduction to building on our SDK
by Tim Erickson

Mapping Your World With OpenStreetMap
by Ian Dees

Mobile App development using Ruby
by Shawn Butler

Monitoring and analyzing news coverage via NewsRack
by Subbu Sastry

Native Android, Blackberry, and iPhone OS apps in JavaScript
by Kevin Whinnery

Non-profits: Strengthening Gives in a Social Media World
by Kate-Madonna Hindes

Paper Prototypes: There and Back Again
by John Malone

Quick and Dirty Introduction to Drupal
by Drew Gorton, Joe Shindelar

RFP - an open source, mobileweb voting system
by Robert Stephens

Room and Bored
by John Mindiola III

Schumpeters HiveConsciously Weaving Our Collaborative Innovation Networks
by Drew Fleck

Secrets of a Successful Open Source Project
by Chris Moffitt

Serverified Virtualification
by Mike Horwath, Bil MacLeslie

She's Geeky? Why are you geeky?
by Elizabeth Tupper

Social Media ... So What?
by Rich Hoeg

Social Web Design: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
by Mykl Roventine

Social media for learning spaces in work, schools, and communities: Extending the spirit of Minnebar
by David Arendale

Startups vs. Consulting: smackdown
by Jon Dahl

Stasis: Transactions Without SQL
by Mark Gritter

Success in Software Consulting
by Scott Davis

TOP SECRET - Army Marketing Secrets
by David Lee

Techniques and Algorithms for Building Distributed Systems
by Mitch Schultz

The Evolution of Advertising
by Marty Wetherall

The Perils and Pitfalls of Consulting
by Ben Edwards

Tips & Tricks to Hack da Planet (by You for You)
by Justin Porter

What should we do about Apple?
by Kevin Whinnery

Why Drupal? An expert panel
by Jeremiah Davis


Aaron Kardell

Aaron Kardell has founded a few startups, a couple of which have had successful exits. More recently, he's the author of twice featured by Apple iGarageSale and the founder of

Amanda Luker

Barry Madore

Ben Edwards

Designer and client-side coder. Founded Minnesota's Barcamp and together with Luke Francl put together various events and programs throughout the year aimed at catalyzing tech and design innovation and a startup culture within the state. Co-Founder of Refactr LLC, a consultancy and product development shop focused on rapidly developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

Bil MacLeslie

Chach Sikes

Chris Moffitt

Chris Smith

Colin Harrington

Curt Prins

Dan Frankowski

Dan Grigsby

Dan Schwarz

David Arendale

David Lee

Drew Fleck

Drew Gorton

Elizabeth Tupper

Gangadhar Sulkunte

Ian Dees

JJ Parker

Jeff Pesek

Jeremiah Davis

Joe Shindelar

Joe Turgeon

John Malone

John Mindiola III

Jon Dahl

Joseph Rueter

Justin Porter

Justin Porter has numerous years of experience in a variety of technology and business roles. His most recent position was working in an environment where he was responsible for launching high technology-based start-up companies. He previously worked with a variety of consulting clients in a professional services role. He has a balanced mix of consulting, industry, and technical experiences, allowing him to be leveraged in all phases of a company. Mr. Porter has experience across many technology sectors including life sciences, physical and engineering sciences, software and information technology, and agriculture. Mr. Porter holds a BSB in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Kevin Donlin

Kevin Triemstra

Kevin Whinnery

Kristin Oberhaus

Mark Beckman

Mark Gritter

Marti Nyman

Marty Wetherall

Michael Heuer

Mike Bollinger

Mike Ellsworth

Mike Horwath

Mike Hugo

Mitch Schultz

Mykl Roventine

Paul Cantrell

Paul DeBettignies

Peter Fleck

Phil Kragnes

Rich Hoeg

Robert Stephens

Robert Weber

Ryan Miest

Scott Davis

Shawn Butler

Steven Clift

Subbu Sastry

Tim Erickson

Tonu Mikk

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