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This event occurred 4442 days ago.
Start date April 21, 2007
End date April 21, 2007
Attendance 395
Location 235 East 6th St., Saint Paul, MN 55101
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A Highly Kinetic, Semi Dangerous Exposition
by William Gurstelle

A look around the corner: How permission-based marketing, data-alignment, and RFID will shape the future of commerce.
by Jeffery Giesener

An Introduction to Groovy and Grails: or, How I learned that I could save my knowledge without losing my mind
by Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Coworking (MinneBar 2)
by Tom Brice, Justin Grammens, Dan Grigsby

CrashPlan - Automatic off-site backup
by Matthew Dornquast

Why we reinvented backup, lessons learned, integrating desktop applications and the web.

Design 2.0: What's a web designer to do?
by Ben Edwards, Christopher Leighton-Brooder, Stefan Hartwig, Norman Orstad, Margaret Andrews, Garrick van Buren

Designing for Use
by Garrick van Buren

Does the world need more storage?
by Paul Prawdiuk

Dojo Javascript Toolkit
by Chris Barber

Emerging Technology in Social Computing
by Christopher Enright

Faust: Flash Augmenting Standards
by Matt Pennig

FeedSeeder Project - The Collaborative Aggregator
by Garrick van Buren

An update and demo of the feed aggregator built for collaboration.

FireSeed Streaming Supercomputer
by Justin Kruger, Bob Waldron

Flex (MinneBar 2)
by Matt Bauer

Functional Languages and Agile Development
by Robert Fischer

Innovation in a Convergent World
by Bryan Strawser

Introduction to natural language processing
by Frank Schilder, Gary Berosik

JRuby: A Free-form Q/A and Demo Session
by Tom Enebo, Charles Oliver Nutter

Marketing Your Technology Startup
by Derrick Shields, Brian Huff

Me, You and EC2
by Bruno Bornsztein

by Kevin Dotzenrod, Louis DeJardin

Nearbie - History Connects You
by Casey Helbling

Nearbie is a social networking app that allows you to explore friends, family and others with whom you share history.

On the Couch with David Heinemeier Hansson
by David Heinemeier Hansson, Jamie Thingelstad

PagePow - This is not your father's widget site
by Joe Sriver

The pre-release of PagePow. Discuss PagePow and what you need or would like in/on a widget site.

Product Launch: From the initial itch to a global marketplace
by Matthew Dornquast

RESTful Development
by J Wynia

Revenge of the Type Systems
by Paul Cantrell

Ruby on Rails: An Overview
by Luke Francl, Jon Dahl

Slivercast - Personalized on-demand video clip aggregator/player
by Jeff Pester, Matt Bauer

Social Networks: How the GetGo Team Created GetGoMN
by Scott Littman, George Reese, Graeme Thickins

Startup Camp Is Coming
by Dan Grigsby, Jamie Thingelstad

Symfony PHP5 Framework
by Dave Dash

The First Thing About Ajax
by Michael Lehmkuhl

Translating Geek: Executable Documentation
by Robert Fischer

U of M Masters of Software Engineering Info and Q&A
by John Collins

Video Transcoding
by Jon Dahl

Web 2.0: In business, out of beta
by Bruno Bornsztein, Dan Grigsby, Aaron Mentele, Ben Moore, Matt Thompson

Web Framework Panel
by Jack Ungerleider, Nate Straz, Scott Vlaminck, Derrick Shields, David Heinemeier Hansson

Web Redesign with Ajax and Rails
by Dan Weinand, Norman Orstad

A quick review of the redesign of University of Minnesota Newman Center website.

What Runs
by Kyle Drake, Kyle Wilson

Why you need to make your Web site accessible to the disabled
by Jenny McDermott

You can do that? Selling agile to the enterprise
by Ben Edwards, Ross Niemi


Aaron Mentele

Ben Edwards

Designer and client-side coder. Founded Minnesota's Barcamp and together with Luke Francl put together various events and programs throughout the year aimed at catalyzing tech and design innovation and a startup culture within the state. Co-Founder of Refactr LLC, a consultancy and product development shop focused on rapidly developing and deploying web and mobile applications.

Ben Moore

Bob Waldron

Brian Huff

Bruno Bornsztein

Bryan Strawser

Casey Helbling

Charles Oliver Nutter

Chris Barber

Christopher Enright

Christopher Leighton-Brooder

Dan Grigsby

Dan Weinand

Dave Dash

David Heinemeier Hansson

Derrick Shields

Frank Schilder

Gary Berosik

George Reese

Graeme Thickins

J Wynia

Jack Ungerleider

Jamie Thingelstad

Jamie is CTO of SPS Commerce, the retail industry's most broadly adopted cloud services platform. Previously, he served as CTO for leading financial publishers including the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Enterprise Media Group of Dow Jones and MarketWatch, Inc. He was the founding CTO of BigCharts, the leading provider of financial tools and information to consumers and financial services companies via the web. In 1999, BigCharts was acquired by MarketWatch and the technology is still used by Dow Jones & Company today. In addition, Jamie has developed and managed products and technologies for properties including Barron’s, Virtual Stock Exchange, Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Indexes.

Jeff Pester

Jeffery Giesener

Jenny McDermott

Jesse O'Neill-Oine

Joe Sriver

John Collins

Jon Dahl

Justin Grammens

Justin Kruger

Kevin Dotzenrod

Kyle Drake

Kyle Wilson

Louis DeJardin

Luke Francl

Margaret Andrews

Matt Bauer

Matt Pennig

Matt Thompson

Matthew Dornquast

Michael Lehmkuhl

Nate Straz

Norman Orstad

Paul Cantrell

Paul Prawdiuk

Robert Fischer

Ross Niemi

Scott Littman

Scott Vlaminck

Stefan Hartwig

Tom Brice

Tom Enebo

William Gurstelle

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