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Where were Zencoder and CrashPlan introduced? MinneDemo!

“MinneBar is the top event in Minnesota technology the entire year.”

33 events, 174 demos, 435 sessions and
 Has attendance
MinneBar 1135
MinneBar 1 Pre-Party
MinneBar 10946
MinneBar 2395
MinneBar 3432
MinneBar 4632
MinneBar 5675
MinneBar 6750
MinneBar 6 Pre-Party225
MinneBar 7777
MinneBar 8873
MinneBar 9813
MinneBarBQ 1157
MinneBarBQ 2200
MinneBarBQ 3100
MinneDemo 1100
MinneDemo 10450
MinneDemo 11450
MinneDemo 12500
MinneDemo 13433
MinneDemo 14519
MinneDemo 15414
MinneDemo 16478
MinneDemo 19
MinneDemo 2200
MinneDemo 3300
MinneDemo 4300
MinneDemo 5300
MinneDemo 6348
MinneDemo 7349
MinneDemo 8417
MinneDemo 8 Annex67
MinneDemo 9449
MinneDemo Rochester140
MinneDemo St. Cloud256

minne✱ exists to bring together Minnesota’s technology community. Our goal is to promote connections that help our community learn from each other, build their businesses, and start new entrepreneurial ventures. We aim to bridge the gap between software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

How to get involved?[edit]

There are a lot of ways you can join the minne✱ community and get involved! The first step is to attend one of the great events we have planned. If you have a project that you want to share with everyone consider submitting a demo for MinneDemo! Have a technical topic that you think others would find interesting? Host a session at MinneBar.

Beyond participating you can support the tech and startup community in the Twin Cities by contributing to this wiki and participating in the minnestar Q&A site. minne✱ is a non-profit and has a very small budget, if you would like to help with Projects or Work in progress feel free to pitch in!



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