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On March 2010 Renato Semeraro answered in this manner to the accuses: " I can accept anything, the professional bankrupt. But I am not only a thief. Not even a cheater. I will never accept that and it is far from the truth. I didn't get one particular cent from the company". What is certain is, some years have passed plus the light from the last events, Aiazzone case turned into something more than a simple case of bankrupt: the company crisis shines the light on impressive numbers.

Usually, people usually for granted this area of the process because for all those they are fully aware they may be already in the commercial, so exactly what is the dependence on additional things right? But this is how most frequent investors get mistaken about. What they do not know is that this would know serve as the defense mechanism of their business.

Before the central banks entered into this leasing game, the leasing or swapping of silver and gold coins derived from one of mine to another was adopted when production for whatever reason was stopped. Because mines sell future contracts during production, after a shutdown they will be around the hook for contracts already sold. The practice of leasing an amount of rare metal from somebody else who had reserves available can be used to cover the shortage in supply. Then when production resumed the mine would pay off what was borrowed. This legal practice of leasing out precious metals still continues on today.

However, there doesn't appear to be much chance of that happening. So, so what can we all do as traders? One step you can take together with your binary account is just not taking all your money out simultaneously. We have remarked that you receive the most difficulties with binary brokers when you find yourself attempting to close your bank account with them. They really do not like to lose customers (does any business?), and apparently hold on and try all sorts of stalling methods to help you to change your mind.

According to the prosecution, Gianmauro Borsano (ex president of Torino Football team and ex socialist-parliamentary), Renato Semeraro- his partner in the society ??B&S??- and Giuseppe Gallo- administrator of Panmedia (which bought the chains Aiazzone)-had literary emptied the societies in the group which were into debts using the Revenue through pretended property conveyances and society partnerships, directing each of the debts in a few societies and putting the gains in new societies, expressly created. Final result: these business males are now in jail, all using the same accuses: criminal bankruptcy, documents misappropriation, fraudulent evasion from tax payments and money-laundering though the repayment for many injured parts remains to be a long way away.

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