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The Board of Directors for minne✱ was assembled in the beginning of 2011 with the transition of minne✱ to a non-profit organization. Please read our position on transparency as you explore the board information on the wiki.

Thank you for your continued support!


minne✱ provides education, instruction, training, and mentoring to Minnesota technology entrepreneurs. We do this by (i) organizing events where entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, business folks and others gather and learn and by (ii) providing mentoring resources and support. Our events occur periodically throughout the year and have historically all been located in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul metropolitan area. We envision organizing additional events that would occur at other locations within Minnesota. Also, historically all of our events and other activities are conducted by a volunteer staff and further our exempt purpose by providing educational opportunities to the attendees and participants.

minne✱ benefits both individuals and the technology community at large.  Individuals, whether they are developers who create software, business people who bring that software to market, or investors who fund these activities, all benefit from the opportunity to learn about new things going on locally and make new connections.  The technology community becomes stronger and more vibrant through these connections and education, catalyzing new projects and companies and making the local economy stronger.



See Board:Advisory committee for more information on advisor role.



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