Board Meeting (Sept 18 2015)


Start time September 18, 2015 07:30:00 AM
End time September 18, 2015 09:30:00 AM
Location SPS Commerce, 333 South 7th Street, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Attendees Thingles, Justin, Alex, Caseyhelbling, Adrienne, Jbernard

UNAPPROVED Board Meeting Minutes September 18, 2015

Proposed Agenda


SEPTEMBER 18th, 2015

A meeting of the Board of Directors of minne✱, a Minnesota not for profit corporation (the “Company”) was held on Friday, September 18th, 2015 at approximately 7:30 a.m. central time at SPS Commerce, 333 South 7th Street, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Jamie Thingelstad, acted as chairman of the meeting, and Casey Helbling acted as secretary of the meeting. A quorum of the directors being present, the meeting was called to order.

→ Jamie Call to Order: 7:39 am

   If there is a conflict of interest - recuse yourself from those conversations.

Approve Minutes March 27, 2015

Approve Minutes May 15, 2015

Approve Minutes July 17, 2015

Motion to approve Minutes from previous meetings (Jim) --> Second Jamie ! Passes Unanimous

Revenue Committee Report (Justin)

  • We now have one renewal for 2016
  • Next step is to ask the rest of the sponsor base to renew
  • We plan to keep packages the same for next year
  • Justin proposes we purchase a lifetime Mailchimp license. Yes, we all agree.

Treasure's report (Adrienne)

Balance Sheet
  • Cash position is very strong

Event Committee (Adrienne)

MinneDemo Recap
  • Two great events
  • We need to continue reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Discussion around annual schedule
End of Year Survey
  • Should we do one? Yes probably!

Executive Committee (Jamie)

  • Have not had a board meeting of late
  • Board recruitment is a bit bottlenecked
    • Too conservative, and too slow
    • We need to consider moving to a 12/14 person board
    • Major topic of our strategy session
    • Consider term limits

Old Business

  • Hannah Grims took a different job

New Business

  • Brad Marsh's app proposal
    • Casey to follow up and make it happen

Next Board Meeting
  • Retreat October 1st 1pm - 8pm

→ Adjourned 8:56

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